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Concrete Services

We are experienced on all forms of flatwork, stairs/steps, thin set toppings, countertops, furniture and design. Our quality standards are above and beyond the competition. With specialized teams and dependable suppliers, the end product is consistently superior. When it comes to the finish, we can do it all! Whether you want stamped, exposed, epoxy, stains or simply broomed, Dell Concrete will deliver.


Garage, basement, driveway, sidewalks, floating, suspended

Custom Stairs

With 90º or 45º nosings - On sidewalks - To front doors or walkouts

Thin set topping

Decorative thin set toppings that can be applied to almost any surface


Cast in place or for more decorative options, precast


Designed to suit your needs


Bring any idea to life

About Dell Concrete

Dell Concrete was founded in 2014 and quickly grew to become a competitive concrete service providers in Edmonton and Parkland County. Dylan Siddell started the company and instantly began to raise the bar in the industry. By consistently delivering a high quality product on time, Dell Concrete quickly became the top pick for home builders and general contractors.

Above and beyond

With the world changing so quickly, it is important to change with it. We are pleased to offer an adaptive workflow and unmatched forward thinking that makes us a spearhead in the industry. Above all, we value people! Whether you’re a client, worker, supplier or competitor, we are responsible for the world we create. Dell Concrete is committed to protecting our community by demonstrating care, dignity and respect for all sentient life.

Mission Statement

Everyday we provide top quality concrete services, from the moment a shovel hits the ground to the final finish.
We live by a code of conduct that demands the highest standards of respect and communication between all people.
Our workers are trained to provide a superior product and a pleasant experience.

With a passion that continues to grow, Dell Concrete is the place to go!

Core Team


Screeding and Quality control expert. Giving you a perfect floor every time


An accounting wiz, who somehow juggles 3 kids and the office work of a busy company


A master finisher and carpenter who’s daily bread is perfection


A master finisher who forms, pours and finishes with ease


One of the hardest workers you will ever meet, dedicated to learning and making customers happy

Concrete 101

Archaeologist found concrete floors dating back to 1200-1400 BC, in the royal palace of Tiryns, Greece. This composite material is so incredible that we still use it to create the biggest structures in the world. 432 Park Avenue is the tallest building where the only structural material is concrete. It stands at 1,396 ft (85 floors above ground) and was completed in 2015. The Three Gorges Dam used 27,200,000 ㎥ of concrete and is the largest concrete structure ever built. Completed in 2012, it is also the world’s largest power station. Concrete has withstood the test of time and has been trusted for centuries.

There is more to concrete than it’s strong structural integrity. Due to its unique qualities, it has been used to create beautiful architectures, furniture and artwork in every culture. No other substance has been as diverse and crucial throughout all of history.

Our Portfolio

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The concete way — Trusted for centuries